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June 2019

2019 has been an interesting and exciting period for us as the Marshall government consolidated the 10By20 policy created by previous Minister Malinauskas, and committed to continuing the programs funded under this new approach.  This has fitted in perfectly with our mission and ensured that funding for critical programmes was maintained.   We have achieved some fantastic results this year for our clients, and as a result new opportunities are arising, and this has brought with it the need for change.

Last year we changed the names of the Service Divisions of OARS CT to Re-integration Services (RS) and Rehabilitation Treatment Services (RTS) and as new opportunities have emerged, it became clear to me that each Division needed its own General Manager to fully capitalise on the current services and develop and implement new services.  Dot Stagg was appointed as General Manager RTS and Tracy Chapman as General Manager RS.

Dot has done a fantastic job managing these Divisions over the last 5 years or so, but OARS CT has changed significantly over that time and we are now operating more services, and importantly these services are more sophisticated and have higher accountability to Government funding agencies than previously was the case.

Further changes to the management and team structure was required, with three separate Team Managers appointed to report to each of the General Manager Roles, totalling 6 across the organisation.

These strategic changes will ensure that we have the leadership capacity to effectively manage an organisation that is bigger than in the past and is continuing to grow.

Louise Kelly has done a tremendous job in ensuring our readiness for NDIS Registration, with Desktop and Onsite Audits undertaken during the last few months.  We hope to finalise this process soon.  Our mid-term Quality Improvement audit with the Quality Improvement Council was also undertaken.

We are looking forward to the next financial year, which looks certain to be another year of growth and development.  Your assistance is always needed and appreciated.

Please see our June Newsletter for further updates.