Client Treatment Services

Treatment Intervention Court

OARS CT facilitates groups for the Courts Administration Authority (CAA) Treatment Intervention Court Program on a weekly basis. The groups use Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) which focuses on modifying participant’s thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. MRT is a 12-week Program where participants are expected to present a module each week. The group is designed to be peer facilitated whereby participants on higher steps assist newer participants in the Program. In addition to this, participants on the program are provided with a Staying Quit program which is a complimentary Program to MRT and focuses on Relapse Prevention strategies. Potential participants are referred in via the CAA who also assess for eligibility.

Counselling, Health and Substance Management (CHaSM)

Counselling Health and Substance Management (CHaSM) is a free and confidential service providing a stepped care continuum for the management of drug and alcohol misuse.  The service is funded by Adelaide PHN through the Australian Government’s PHN Program.  CHaSM provides therapeutic services to adults at risk, or currently involved in the criminal justice system.  The program utilises client centered approaches to reduce the harms associated with substance use.  CHaSM uses a staged service delivery model which includes a phone-based Intake and Assessment that will determine what support options within CHaSM would be best suited to individual needs.  Services include Individual counselling; group counselling; drug awareness; relapse prevention; family support; peer support and Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) groups.

Holistic ‘wraparound’ case management will address other presenting domains unique to the individual that may impact on overall wellbeing.  Advocacy and referrals to appropriate external services are a feature of the service and works to address comorbid issues e.g., Mental Health and barriers to creating connections within community.

This service is available at three locations: Adelaide, Port Adelaide and Christies Beach

Please Call OARS on 8384 4193 to commence the referral process, or for further information on SMART groups please visit for group locations or send us an email

Individual counselling

Clients who have been assessed as suitable for this intervention will build on the information collected within the Intake and Assessment process to develop an individual Treatment Plan and set client centered goals.  Counselling sessions incorporate harm minimisation and abstinence-based approaches and may include the following: education and information; cravings and high-risk situations; ways to reduce the harm associated with substance use and relapse prevention plans.  Referrals to internal and external services are completed to address client need to reduce the likelihood of relapse and recidivism.

Peer Support

Our AOD Senior Peer Support Worker role compliments the individual and group counselling options by providing support and guidance from a lived experience of addiction, to supplement counselling services delivered to maximise successful rehabilitation outcomes.  Our Peer worker has lived experience in understanding the challenges associated in reducing substance use and will work alongside the counselling team to maximise the support options available, increasing the chances of sustained change and recovery.

Drug Awareness

CHaSM provides a Drug Awareness program that consists of three sessions for clients who are pre-contemplative or contemplative about making changes to their substance use.  The program addresses motivation to change and allows participants to identify what is important to them, providing ideas of what they may like to do in order to start making changes within their lives.  Drug Awareness counselling may be delivered with in a group setting or on and individual basis.

Relapse Prevention

CHaSM provides a Relapse Prevention Program for clients who have maintained a period of abstinence and want to engage in support to avoid future instances of lapse/relapse.  The Relapse Prevention program comprises five sessions and includes the following:  values, motivation: SMART goals; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); cravings; high risk situations and early warning signs; coping skills; assertive communication; refusal skills; self-esteem; mental health and early warning signs; anger; stress and developing a personal Relapse Prevention Plan.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a type of peer support or ‘mutual aid’ group for individuals who have an issue with addiction e.g., drug and alcohol, gambling, tobacco, video games and pornography. Its core principles involve increasing motivation to change behaviours, improving problem-solving skills, coping with urges and developing balance in life.

The Client Treatment Services team facilitate SMART Recovery groups in the Adelaide, Port Adelaide and Christies Beach locations each week.  There are no formal referrals required to access the group, just come along!  For further information on these groups please call 83844193 and ask to speak with a member of the Client Treatment Services team or search for group options at

Family Support

The CHaSM program also offers Family Support, providing support to family, friends or anyone with a vested interest in a loved one experiencing AOD related issues. Service users engaging in family support will be supported in their own right working to explore, develop and build upon coping strategies, enhance communication strategies, develop boundaries and reduce enabling behaviours as well as explore opportunities to enhance their overall quality of life. Where relevant, family support may assist to aid their family members rehabilitation journey, or to recognise the need for rehabilitation.



Gambling Support Service

OARS CT Gambling Support Service provides a confidential service to people with problem gambling who have had involvement, or are at risk of involvement, in the criminal justice system.  OARS CT also provides counselling and support for significant others to ensure the greatest possibility for a successful outcome.

The components of the service include:

  • 1 to 1 counselling and case management
  • Family support
  • Court support
  • Gambling and mental health interventions
  • Internal and external referrals as required
  • Support at Court appearances
  • Liaison with lawyers/legal aid
  • Outreach to Yatala, Adelaide Women’s Prison, Mobilong, Adelaide Pre -release Centre, Adelaide Remand Centre and home visits in special circumstances

To make a referral, contact General Manager Client Treatment Services, Tricia Oats on 8384 4193 or send us an email

This service is funded by the Office for Problem Gambling.


The aim of the Circle of Support and Accountability (COSA) is to provide a community initiative of support which is based on the principles of Restorative Justice. The Circles are to assist and support individuals who have offended sexually and have served a prison sentence for their crimes.

The COSA volunteers will assist individuals who may be experiencing isolation, loneliness, or are lacking in appropriate skills to foster positive relationships, and provide positive role modelling. The COSA Circle Members will also develop relationships of trust, hold the participant (Core Member) to account for their behaviours and assist in the maintenance of their stated goals and objectives, as discussed in the COSA meetings.  The focus is on community safety and reducing recidivism.


OARS CT Pre-Release Program provides group based and/or individual (1:1) interventions to prisoners in six prisons: Mobilong; Adelaide Women’s Prison; Adelaide Pre-Release Centre; Adelaide Remand Centre, Yatala Labour Prison and Cadell Training Centre

Specialist AOD interventions include Motivational Interviewing (MI), Relapse Prevention, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and other psychological therapies that may be beneficial to the client (i.e. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness) and may be delivered in person or via telephone.

In addition to this, our rehabilitation treatment counsellors work with prisoners 1:1 to develop a care/intervention plan.

OARS CT staff work with the individual prisons and their intervention teams to determine the most appropriate referrals into the program, and ensure relevant supports are incorporated into each individuals program.

All prisoners provided an intervention will receive support to enable through-care and links into existing OARS CT Counselling Health & Substance Management (CHaSM) program funded by Adelaide PHN through the Australian Government’s PHN Program.

Prisoners can self-refer to this program using the prison Kiosk Express (KEX) or by speaking with one of the Prison Social Workers.