Centre for Restorative Justice


The Centre for Restorative Justice was formed in 1997 as a response to community concern about the over-use of incarceration in South Australia and because victims of crime at that stage were not able to engage appropriately in the functions of the criminal justice system.  Restorative Justice focuses attention on repairing the harm victims suffer and not just punishing offenders.

For further information please visit the Centre for Restorative Justice website at   www.restorativejustice.com.au

Our Vision

The development of community and justice systems that deal with conflict and the consequences of offending in a restorative manner.

Our Mission

To reduce conflict within the community and to work towards repairing harm by enabling the development of restorative approaches in justice and other settings:

  • By providing the opportunity for people who have been affected by conflict to be part of the healing process
  • By helping people to heal themselves as a means of preventing the occurrence, onset and re-occurrence of conflict.